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This is a picture of me, Jen Mininger, and this layered photography blog is a meaningful extension to the portrait photography that I’ve been doing for a super long time!  These layered visuals have been a powerful tool to help me express my heart (sometimes, even, just to myself and God).  I didn’t realize it till a few years ago, but apparently this kind of work is also for the purpose of offering hope and inspiration to others…maybe even you.  Thanks for visiting…and maybe someday I will be capturing your layered heart!

Till then…you might need to get to know me a bit…

So, who am I…  I’ve learned that this is helpful for you to know…although, you’ll be learning quite a bit about my heart through my visuals.  Anyway, here’s 5(ish) things about me…
1.I follow Jesus, that’s not a social media “follow”..that’s a heart thing, and if you don’t know about this kind of “follow” then contact me and I can share more with you…,
2.My husband, Korey, and I honored our 20th anniversary back in April, 2018 by visiting a Dude Ranch in Oregon…and…the Pacific Ocean (Yay!)!!  We will be the first to tell you that marriage has its highs and lows… our marriage knows pain, it also knows joy and fun…don’t forget sorrow and grief and… all kinds of stuff that, …well.. lets just say this; friends, my HOPE is that you will be viewing this blog and see that my marriage knows and will know healing and redemption.
3.We have 5 kids….and think that they are each uniquely amazing!  You will learn that I’m a mom through some of my layered projects…but I try to be careful to not personally embarress or disrespect my kids by showing stuff about them that they might not feel comfortable with.  I’ll do my best to ask for their permission…after all, that’s what we are teaching them to do for others.
4.Part time photographer….At age 14 I started working for a photographer who mentored me in the basics of composition and 35mm cameras.  I booked my first small wedding at age 18 and did a pretty bad job… but anyway…now, after many years of experience and photography courses, I get to capture families, couples and individuals with confidence that they will cherish their portraits for many many years.  You guys, photography is SO MUCH FUN for me…it enriches me to create portraits that mean so much to you!
5. the random things….People always seem to have something to say about coffee…soo, I love coffee, but chose to quit a few years ago..that was interesting..but now I enjoy it as an occasional yummy treat!  I like creating things, working with my hands, I’m working on painting a sign right now.  I am so much like my Dad, but had to say goodbye to him just over a year ago.  Gardening/composting/fresh food…LOVE it all!  Inspiring other women…that’s in me too.  If I could, I would have a couple of cows and sheep…but hey, our 8 chickens are so much fun!!  I love clothesline laundry and pretty much anything outside…an outdoor kitchen would be nice, since the kitchen is where I spend most of my time.   Computer time annoys me.  I’m really bad at english, like fragmented and run-on sentences and stuff…sorry!  thats alot of random…Basically, I’m a stay at home mom, with a daily to-do list that is too long to be accomplished in a day!  I’m sure most of you can relate to that!

What is “layered photography”? …sometimes it is physically, from my camera settings I can create meaningful double exposures… but more often, it is actually emotionally layered.  Each photo has beauty on the surface but is also loaded with layers of meaning, sentiment, emotion, value and story!  These layers come from my heart..usually from something that God is teaching me.  You see, I am a visual learner, I need visual illustrations to more clearly see or communicate something from my heart.  I’ve learned that I’m not weird or crazy for this!  Many of us actually do this…have you ever said, “its sort of like this”…then you go on to give a story or illustration to explain something important to you.  Thats basically what I’m doing in picture form.  We all want to be heard and understood (even to ourselves), and you know what…that is exactly what God is doing when He leads me to do some of these visuals, He is saying, “I hear you daughter, I understand”, and that helps me.  Here’s another thing, God wants us to hear and understand His heart too… Jesus used visual illustrations ALL. THE. TIME.  You guys, He continues to.  With His still small voice He encourages me by helping me visualize what I need to hear.  The first one was when I felt such a strong urge to spend a day in a junk yard (that’s the “restorable” project- you’ll see later).  There is so much more I could say, but maybe the visuals will say it more clearly, so I won’t keep you here.  Go ahead and start taking in some layered photography, see how it speaks to you.  (REMINDER…its coming…this blog is in the works and so are the layered projects..if you’d like to keep up to date then follow “Jen Mininger Photography” on instagram and facebook…or join my email list by emailing me at…tell me about yourself or just tell me you want email updates!)

If you feel safe enough, then go ahead and hit that “contact” tab and let me know how my projects have encouraged you!  Or..maybe you’d like to hire me to capture YOUR matters of the heart.  If a personal layered photography project is something that would help you, I promise to keep you safe and confidential, if that is what you need.  Lets talk about it.